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Beta Testers Needed

Hello loves

Years ago, when I was a lot younger and perkier than I am now - before I'd fully cut my WordPress teeth... I'd already started to look after client sites - just a little bit... just a few, mainly ones that I'd built for small businesses.

A student learning by looking at a wall of interesting diagrams

It was crazy-time if anything went wrong with a site in those days... heart racing, blood pressure pumping through my delicate neck - wildly Googling, hoping against hope I would find the answer before anyone else saw the problem.

A lot of times I didn't really know how to ask the question so I'd go off on long expensive trips round the virtual houses (like going into town and out again on an expensive train and then realising the answer was two doors down...)

I couldn't charge a client for the time I spent so I took it all on as part of my training. (I mean, I don't regret it... it's the way I learn, but it sure did take up a lot of time...)

I didn't have any friends that were doing the same job (even if I had I never would have asked them... because I'm supposed to know everything, right?)  And all the courses that existed just seemed to be very dry... crammed so full of information that I couldn't decide which things to retain or why...

I felt like I was stupid. Every site seemed to be different!

What I really needed was a friendly guide who would take me by the hand and show me, but not judge me for my (totally in my own head…) ignorance. I didn't know where to find one though, and I would have been too embarrassed to ask anyway... (because I was supposed to know it all...)

Over time I've realised I will never know everything.

Because the next site to come along will be using different technology again. Because tech moves with the speed of light. Because although WordPress is the kitchen, each site has unique equipment and ingredients and chefs... and they’re constantly improving and updating themselves (more on this metaphor another time...)

Lightbulb to illustrate bright ideas

These days as I bustle round the Wards at the WP care centre I know what to check, what to tweak and what to look out for. I know how to save myself in times of trouble, and I know how to prepare.  (I gave my 3 top tips for saving the stress in a recent post...)

And that's what I want for you, dear WordPress lover. The confidence not to know. That's why I'm writing a training course with you in mind. To show you my practiced WordPress care routine, explain some of the background behind the different jobs I do in the care centre and to recommend the tools I use to save me time and to make those little sites comfy and secure.

Which brings me, finally, to the point...

I'm looking for Beta testers!

If you've read this far then I'm guessing you're getting quite deep into this whole WordPress business... and if that's the case, why not consider becoming a beta tester for my new online course? I'll be tweaking and polishing it throughout the first run - and all my testers get to be a part of that process.

If you decide to come on board and feel my supportive hand on your shoulder while you wrangle with WordPress, this is what I'm going to give you:

  • The first module in return for help in kind - (your comments and feedback and reviews...)
  • The entire course at a huge discount with access to your course files online for as long as you keep coming in to visit them
  • Updates to the course from 'Vik-of-the-future' whenever they're needed (expect them regularly...because tech moves on fast...)
  • Plus you'll get your first 6 months for free in my) membership group for support at the end of the course - so you can keep in touch with your fellow graduates and carry on supporting each other... and, of course, receive regular trainings and workshops from me and from all kinds of experts in connected digital fields

If you want to be on the list to learn more, pop over and enter the waiting room...

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