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WP Home Birth

Build it Yourself in WordPress, Without the Stress

There are plenty of online platforms that offer self build. You use their software, upload your content, choose your colours and there it is.  Easy!

As long as you're happy with the options they offer you.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you grew out of their limited software? What if you wanted to innovate or if you didn't like their hosting?

What if (heaven forbid) that company ceased to exist?

WordPress software is open source, which means it's not tied to one company. You can keep a copy of your site, so you really own it. If your hosting company doesn't give you what you need you can choose another. If your business grows and you need functions added no problem... you could even get them written especially for you.

But freedom brings complexity. Before you know it you're wandering in a baffling jungle of DNS and API's and caches, away from the real business that you love.


A blackboard with a chalk drawing of a thought bubble with a lightbulb in it, illustrating a creative idea about web design by someone building their own site using WordPress software
Vik has been an absolute godsend! Reassuring and imminently helpful, she is worth every penny and more. I feel so much more confident knowing I can turn to Vik if something goes wrong. Highly highly recommend!

Jen Le Marinel - Wildfire Walks
A computer keyboard, a tablet and a pen that are being used to design a website. They are seen from above on an orange background
Home birth - basic kit - £375 + £66 per month hosting and care.

Home birth - Ecommerce kit - £675 + £66 per month hosting and care
Initial contract for 1 year.

If you decide you want to have a site built for you
just click below to jump to:

Create your site on the frontend and let me take care of the rest.

What's in the home birth kit?

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Security certificate
  • Setup of https, DNS and content delivery network
  • Updates of core, plugins and theme
  • Malware and security monitoring
  • Locally stored backups
  • Domain name free for the first year
  • Green hosting using 100% sustainable energy
  • Pagebuilder and recommended plugins
  • Licence for updates for the life of the contract
  • My special advice sheet with links to resources to help you build, as well as advice on image optimisation and optional plugins to add functionality
  • Links to premade sites which you can alter to create your own design - or start from scratch and build your own theme.
  • 2 x 30 minute calls to support you during your build
  • Email help and advice
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