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'Caring for WordPress' kicks off in March 2022
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Imagine having total confidence in your WordPress care.

Hello loves. I'm Vik, the WordPress nurse

Vik Martin is the WordPress Nurse. Headshot
Do you ever feel slightly nervous when you're fiddling about inside WordPress?

Do you go in and add content to your site but don't have the confidence to run updates?

Or maybe you're just about managing but you're always scared you'll break something...

That's an uncomfortable state to be in... but here's the good news!

It really doesn't have to be like that!

Don't believe you could ever feel confident?

Why not take the first module for free?

If you're a small business owner with your own site,

a VA, marketer or admin with responsibilities for a client site,

a hobbyist who wants their site to be the best it can be,

or even if you're just WordPress curious...

Here's an 8 week course that will take you from WordPress novice to WordPress nurse!

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This course will help you to:

Understand the language that surrounds Wordpress

Understand the technical jargon that surrounds WordPress and the web in general

Confidence to take on any Wordpress job knowing that it will all be ok

Make changes to your site confidently - without breaking a sweat

Understand what all the parts of your site do

Keep your site secure and accessible... and make Google love it

Understand the technology that is running your site

Understand the technology that is running your site

learn a solid, tested routine for WordPress Care

Learn a solid, tested routine for WordPress Care

Answer wordpress questions

Answer all your niggling Wordpress questions

Doors now closed... Back on sale in early 2022

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This course is for you if:

  • You look after a WordPress site and you want to learn how to do it really well
  • You want someone to guide you through all the steps of good Wordpress care
  • You sometimes find techie courses a bit dry or hard to follow
  • You sometimes feel nervous getting right under the hood in your site - in case something goes wrong
  • You're ready to learn a few new WordPress tricks... and confirm that the ones you do know are a good idea
  • You've got 10 minutes a day to go through the lessons plus a little bit of time to play with your site and test out your new skills (either during or after the course)
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What you'll learn

Module 1 - WordPress inside and out

A comprehensive guide to the WordPress ecosystem and where it floats in the online soup. What are the technologies that run WordPress and how do they work together? How is WordPress structured and how does it recreate your website over and over again. Plus my special backend tour including cool shortcuts and options you might not have discovered yet…

Module 2 - WordPress hygiene

My special routine for regular WordPress care to keep your site clean and healthy from day to day. Why you need to update, how to update safely and how to save yourself if it all goes wrong. Plus loads of my most useful tips on WordPress hygiene to keep your site running smooth and clean.

Module 3 - WordPress stress management

The formula I use to diagnose (and usually fix) all kinds of problems on all kinds of WordPress sites. How to save yourself if it all goes wrong, and lots of ways to help you take the stress away

Module 4 - Keep WordPress secure

WordPress’s popularity is one of its greatest strengths, but can also be its downfall. Batten down the security hatches to keep those nasty hackers and bots at bay.

Module 5 - Make WordPress accessible and easy to visit -  for people and for (good) bots

How to test, monitor and improve the speed of your site. Get the structure and performance perfect for search engines. Make it a joy to visit and accessible to all your customers

Module 6 - A little bit of code… and how to use it.

I’ve left this one till last in case it sounds scary, but knowing a little bit of the code that runs WordPress can help you to enter ‘God mode’ when you’re making changes to a site or troubleshooting problems. I promise you, one minute it looks like gobbledygook, the next, you’re flying.

Try the first module for free
This isn’t just another one of those dry online self study courses that you’ll buy in a fit of enthusiasm and then leave in a folder for eternity. We'll all be together for the entire 8 weeks and I'll be holding your hand the whole way with:

Videos and walkthroughs
Diagrams and drawings
Transcripts (if you prefer the written word)
Practical exercises to perfect your own care routine
Quizzes to test your knowledge
Live Q and A sessions twice a week
A private Facebook group so you can connect with other students and with me
This is your teacher on the 'caring for WordPress course - Vik Martin
And of course, my loves,  if you sign up to the free module you also get a free subscription to my bi-weekly newsletter - The WP Nursing Times

I promise you, with my hand on my soft old WordPress nurse's heart, I will never use your details for anything other than sending you news from the WordPress care centre (including, of course, the lowdown on all my courses as they appear) and maybe the odd special offer or exclusive discount.

And I will never, ever, under any circumstances (and I swear this, in all seriousness, on my most treasured posession (a beautiful, shiny Brandoni piano accordion...) ) EVER sell (or give) your details to anyone else.

Not even if they get down on their knees and offer to eat my nurse's hat

Doors now closed... Back on sale early 2022

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