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Imagine having total confidence in your WordPress care.

Enter the Waiting Room
Hello loves. 

It's Vik here, the WordPress nurse, with a little bedtime story for you.

Once upon a time...

Your client gave you responsibility for their WordPress site

So you went in to have a look and............ mind==blown. So many systems and functions... and code that just looks like gobbledygook.

But hey – you're clever and you're techy and you can learn new things, right?

It takes a few weeks of blood, sweat and Google, but eventually you've stopped wanting to smash things and you and the site are kind of friends. It's stressful sometimes but you muddle through.

Then a second client comes along. They’ve got a WordPress site too. Cool! You've got this!

You go in, all confident, but wait..... what? Everything's different! Aaaaaargh!

Gradually it dawns on you. WordPress isn't just a piece of software, it's the outer shell of a complex ecosystem of builders, themes, plugins, snippets and stylesheets...... floating in a vast soup of other systems like DNS, servers, search engines and browsers... and reliant on a library of bizarre languages which are only easy "when you know how"

**NSFW mumbling + sound of brain exploding**

Ok loves, I admit it, it's not just a scary story. 9 years ago, this was me. Running around with my butterfly net, catching information and cramming it into my brain - longing for the day I would slap the lid on and just have it there. Captive.

Turns out I was never going to know it all... Tech moves so fast, my info was out of date before I even got to use it (and even now I'm still finding out new things and thinking “how could I not have known that?”)

Eventually I zoomed out and learned how to ask the right questions. What plugin is running what? How is this structured? How do I find out what caused that error? How can I turn back time? Who can help me with this?

And I gained something better than knowledge. The confidence to NOT know.

I want the same for you, my loves. That's why I'm down here in the matron's office at the WordPress care centre scribbling away under a flickering lightbulb, creating all the teaching materials for my new online course - to show you my method for giving the best care and attention to any WordPress site - without chewing your fingernails off...

It's coming in October and I want you to be the first to hear when it's ready

What you'll learn

Module 1 - WordPress inside and out

A comprehensive guide to the WordPress ecosystem and where it floats in the online soup. What are the technologies that run WordPress and how do they work together? How is WordPress structured and how does it recreate your website over and over again. Plus my special backend tour including cool shortcuts and options you might not have discovered yet…

Module 2 - WordPress hygiene

My special routine for regular WordPress care to keep your site clean and healthy from day to day. Why you need to update, how to update safely and how to save yourself if it all goes wrong. Plus loads of my most useful tips on WordPress hygiene to keep your site running smooth and clean.

Module 3 - WordPress stress management

The formula I use to diagnose (and usually fix) all kinds of problems on all kinds of WordPress sites. How to save yourself if it all goes wrong, and lots of ways to help you take the stress away

Module 4 - Keep WordPress secure

WordPress’s popularity is one of its greatest strengths, but can also be its downfall. Batten down the security hatches to keep those nasty hackers and bots at bay.

Module 5 - Make WordPress accessible and easy to visit -  for people and for (good) bots

How to test, monitor and improve the speed of your site. Get the structure perfect for search engines and make it a joy to visit.

Module 6 - A little bit of code… and how to use it.

I’ve left this one till last in case it sounds scary, but knowing a little bit of the code that runs WordPress can help you to enter ‘God mode’ when you’re making changes to a site or troubleshooting problems. I promise you, one minute it looks like gobbledygook, the next, you’re flying.

Enter the Waiting Room

How you'll learn it

This isn’t just another one of those dry online self study courses that you’ll buy in a fit of enthusiasm and then leave in a folder for eternity. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

We will all go through it together, at the same time, with weekly Q&A and catchup sessions… and a party at the end.

Plus, as a member of my of my groundbreaking ‘beta pod,’ you’ll get a free 6 month membership to the ‘WordPress care club’ where you can connect your fellow students and with me for support, WordPress love and regular trainings and talks by experts.

Check back soon for my exciting special early bird offer…
Enter the Waiting Room
And of course, my loves, that's not all. You also get a free subscription to my bi-weekly newsletter - The WP Nursing Times

I promise you, with my hand on my soft old WordPress nurse's heart, I will never use your details for anything other than sending you news from the WordPress care centre (including, of course, the lowdown on all my courses as they appear) and maybe the odd special offer or exclusive discount.

And I will never, ever, under any circumstances (and I swear this, in all seriousness, on my most treasured posession (a beautiful, shiny Brandoni piano accordion...) ) EVER sell (or give) your details to anyone else.

Not even if they get down on their knees and offer to eat my nurse's hat
Enter the Waiting Room