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But the big question is...is anyone seeing it?

Or do they sit for a few seconds while they wait for it to load and then bounce off to a competitors site without ever seeing it in its full glory?

(Hint: if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, the answer is probably yes...)

If you share your site on social media is it obvious how great it is?

(Or are you stuck with a crappy old logo and ancient text when you post your URL?)

And is your site only accessible to a proportion of your potential clients?

(If you haven't put thought into how it looks to screen readers then I'm sorry, but that's another yes...)

Your WordPress site might look the part, but it doesn't just need a pretty face...

It needs to get superfit too!

It's not out of reach though... some of the simplest optimisations can make the most difference to the way your site shows up.

In face, I'd go so far as to say, you could...

ok - i admit it, I made the word up for fun...

But I'm serious about the effects of joining my free wordpress Fitness Bootcamp

It runs over 4 days, starting Monday 18th October

And you'll learn how to raise your site's profile with simple daily tasks.

(The simple things are often the most effective my loves...)

Not only that, but I'll be announcing some prizes that your precious little site will LOVE

Join the Bootcamp!
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