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WP Clinic

How Well is Your Website?

DIY Clinic - Targeted video help

Your website looks beautiful on the frontend and it kind of works... but how well are you caring for it?

  • What do all these plugins do?
  • Is it secure and up to date?
  • Does Google love it?
  • Why isn't this bit working?
  • What happens if I click this?

I will create a pack of up to 8 instruction videos from inside your site covering topics of your choice - £176

We will plan you session together on a call, and then I'll need admin access to the backend of the site (and, depending on your question sometimes the host server) in order to produce your video pack

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A grayscale image of a road with an orange line stretching forward to illustrate the tour of your WordPress backend that I can guide you on
"I was nervous about updates and so on for my WordPress site so I stuck my head in the sand. Now I feel relaxed and in control – and I had a nice chat and good company while working through all the various parts of it."

Orla Kirby - Clinical Hypnotherapist
A stethescope on a doctors pad to illustrate the diagnostic troubleshooting we can offer for WordPress sites
"An in-depth review with clear and helpful notes - all of which make
perfect sense to me"

Kaye King - Quercus Marketing

In-Patient Clinic - A Deep Check Up

If you just want to know your starting point why not send your site into the clinic for a full checkup? Sites on any platform can come in for a front end check, and for WordPress sites there's an even more thorough inside and out option... 

  • Is it ready for a bit of Google love?
  • Could it load faster?
  • Is it accessible to all?
  • Does your customer journey match your goal?
  • Does the design fit with your branding?

Get a written health report along with recommendations to help your site develop and thrive.

Front end only checkup - for any kind of site - £126

Deep check inside and out, including plugin deep clean - £176

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